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You deserve the best integrated security system technology in Cambodia. 

24/7 Security System Monitoring & Dispatch Service

Combine your electronic surveillance system with expert-trained monitoring specialists onsite and/or based at our remote command center. They can dispatch our Rapid Response Force, police, fire fighters, ambulance, or other security and safety resources to help save you in your moment of need.

Onsite or off-site monitoring:

  • Trained Specialists to Monitor CCTV, Cameras, Alarms, Motion Sensors, etc.

  • On-Site Monitoring (at Your Location)

  • Remote Monitoring (from Our Secure Central Monitoring Station)

  • Specially Trained for High Security Challenges

Dispatch services:

  • GSS Elite Guard & Armed Rapid Response Force

  • Local Police or Military Units

  • Fire Fighters & Rescue

  • Ambulance & Emergency Medical Response

  • Close Protection / Evacuation to Safety


GSS Elite Guard & Armed Rapid Response Force:

  • Always On-Call, Ready to Respond

  • Neutralize Dangerous Threats

  • Coordinate with Local Police and Military

  • Dispatched by Monitoring Specialists

  • Police or Military Background

  • 3 Years+ Experience

  • Continuous Training from Global Security & Combat Experts

Recommended: Design, Equipment, Installation, & Support

We work with you to determine the best security technologies to properly secure your location. Every site needs a critical security assessment, so let's start talking today and create the right solution for you, which regularly includes a FREE site inspection and custom security system quote.



What's best for your location?

  • Closed Circuit Television (IP Technology)

  • Digital Recording Systems

  • Remote Video Transmission Systems

  • GPS Vehicle, Manpower and Asset Tracking Systems

  • Computerized Card Access Controls Systems

  • One-Card Systems

  • Stand-Alone Card Readers

  • Electronic Locking Systems

  • Door Monitoring Systems

  • Bio-metric Scanners

  • Intrusion Detection Systems

  • Motion Detectors and Software

  • Parking Control Systems

  • Attendance Management – Finger Print

  • Guard Tour & Patrol Verification Systems

  • Guard Alert Devices

  • Remote Monitoring Systems & Center

  • Lock Key Devices

  • Key Control Cabinets

  • Vehicle Entry Barrier Systems

  • Home Alarm Systems



Security System Monitoring can help protect you & help you save money...

Our trained surveillance monitoring specialists help you stay safe from security and safety threats. They can help:

  • Detect unauthorized entry into your building

  • Detect security and safety incidents

  • Capture a perpetrator's every move

  • Prevent costly damage from fires, theft, etc.

  • Send alerts or dispatch for help

  • Create actionable evidence for police

  • Reduce your risk of loss

  • Reduce security costs; big long-term savings

  • Strengthen your safety and security

  • Capture evidence to help bring perpetrators to justice

  • Reduce your overall risk of costly security, safety, and legal threats 

  • Custom reports, data, and recording

  • Dispatch of GSS Rapid Response Force, police, fire fighters, ambulance, bodyguards, drivers, etc.

It's important to have custom a fully customized electronic security system and guarding solution that's optimal for your location.

Our monitoring and dispatch can help handle any emergency that your electronic security system is designed to detect.

Many people install cameras to investigate security breaches after an event has occurred, but GSS specialists can help prevent or stop many incidents before the security or safety threat fully materializes, stopping criminals and responding to nuisances, fires, or emergencies before it's too late.

We establish custom response and reporting protocols for each client of how to respond to each type of event and what to send you (i.e. short VDO clips of suspicious activity to mobile phones, SMS messages of the event, or a phone call to the duty officer, fire department, ambulance service and police, etc.).

GSS technical teams cover a wide range of technical security solutions including digital CCTV, access control, perimeter protection, and alarm installations.


We work with you to carefully design specialized turnkey security systems that meet your requirements and budget.

After commissioning is completed and systems are operational, our customer support teams follow-up with you to make sure all systems are fully supported and maintained, monitoring all of your systems, like:

  • Closed Circuit Television (IP Technology)

  • Digital Recording Systems

  • Remote Video Transmission Systems

  • GPS Vehicle, Manpower and Asset Tracking Systems

  • Computerized Card Access Controls Systems

  • One-Card Systems and Stand-Alone Card Readers

  • Electronic Locking Systems and Door Monitoring Systems

  • Intrusion Detection Systems, Motion Detectors and Software

  • Parking Control Systems and Vehicle Entry Barrier Systems

  • Attendance Management – Finger Print Recognition

  • Guard Tour Verification Systems and Guard Alert Devices

  • Remote Monitoring Systems & Center (CMS)

  • Lock Key Devices & Key Control Cabinets

  • Home Alarm Systems

You deserve to have the best team on your side, looking out for you 24/7, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

" GSS experts offer the perfect electronic security and safety systems for your needs and budget, saving you money in the long run..."


Camera Monitoring-Outsourcing

CCTV cameras and live monitoring can be part of everyday operations for businesses of all sizes. CCTV monitoring has proven to reduce losses, cut downtime, minimize insurance claims, and reduce management overhead costs.

GSS is in the unique position of being a Security Company with access to a worldwide fiber optic network. As the only ISO certified ISP in Cambodia, EZECOM a partner of GSS, has established relationships with tier -1 global operators.

Our guaranteed access to this global fiber-optic network along with high-security backup power and other redundancies will ensure that your camera footage will be transferred to GSS’s world-class CMS instantly, providing real-time monitoring and response capabilities.

GSS has developed and designed a full suite of customizable monitoring solutions enabling you to outsource your live monitoring to our headquarters and command center located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Reduce Overhead & Save Money

Setting-up and operating a full Central Monitoring Service (“CMS”) is a high cost exercise that requires maintaining the latest technology and continual upgrades--not to mention the loss of profitable real estate space in order to house a CMS on-site.

Due to the complex nature of CCTV monitoring, very few companies have the ability and expertise in-house to run a true CMS department efficiently.

Outsourcing enables you to have experts handling their live monitoring needs, without a huge upfront investment. The size and scalability of GSS’s operation ensures sufficient staff and supervisors, are trained and ready to monitor and protect your entire CMS operations.

GSS maintains key contracts for monitoring services in Cambodia and Australia; our CMS facilities meet the highest International Security Standards.

GSS serves a wide range of businesses all over the Asia-Pacific region, ranging from high-value bonded warehouses to chains of stores and mini-marts.

Electronic Monitoring & Surveillance Surveys

Regular comprehensive electronic security surveys are essential as businesses, evolve and grow to determine if a company’s electronic security and monitoring measures and programs are adequate to counter the risks that business confronts.


This not only assures executives, customers, visitors, and employees of their safety, but also provides protection against legal claims of inadequate security, or negligence. GSS recommends conducting these surveys annually.

During the survey, our security experts will determine the following:
    Electronic hardware & equipment functionality, coverage and suitability.
    Review applicable codes, standards, and ordinances.
    Examine incident reports that have occurred on the property in the past year.
    Collect crime statistics for the property’s neighborhood.
    Site visits at various times of the day.

GSS will supply a full, written survey report with a summary of the survey’s methodology, tangible and intangible assets, site description, threats and recommendations.


Why GSS is

your best choice for Security Guard needs in Cambodia...

" GSS made all the difference for us... "

" At first, I tried a different company, thinking I would save a little money, but it ended up costing me more time, headaches, and money! When I switched to GSS, I realized I should've chosen them from the very start. Learn from my mistake by choosing GSS first.. "

" What really sets GSS apart from other companies is how quickly they respond to me and work with me to make sure everything is going perfectly! "

" They really knew what I needed... "

Global Security Solutions Cambodia is Cambodia’s premium security services provider with over 30 years of continuous security industry experience in the country. 


We tailor services to your specific needs. Our security experts will evaluate your needs and help create and carry out a comprehensive safety and security plan for your home or business.


As our client, you will have special access to the latest security strategies and electronic security system technologies integrated with the highest-trained security guards in Cambodia.


We are the only security provider in the country with our own fiber optic network throughout Cambodia, helping secure your electronic security devices against attack.

Our experienced security guards, officers, specialists, and armed response force are fully trained and equipped to meet your specific requirements.


Daily inspections and continuous guard training help to ensure our high standards are being met, so you can have confidence in our service.

GSS maintains a close working relationship with each client, setting up clear KPIs, convenient communication channels, and custom reporting, so we can quickly respond to any issues that arise.


We maintain a close working relationships with key leaders, including local precinct police officials and other emergency service providers, acting as a force multiplier for Cambodia's national security, while providing premium service to each client.

We look forward to hearing from you, so we can help you the enjoy peace of mind that comes with knowing your security needs are being met by GSS Cambodia’s security professionals.

* Security guard prices vary based on the specific requirements of each client, so you may request a free price quote or contact our nearest office today.

Ready to talk? Call us today: # 023 992 157  or  # 023 884 526


How GSS Is Better...

Our People

Everyone who works at GSS has the training and experience to understand your specific security challenges. Our client support and operations teams are fully dedicated to providing you with the best private security service in Cambodia.

Our Protection

Our security systems and leading technologies, integrated with the best manned guarding in Cambodia ensures you the very best protection day and night. You and your customers can go about your business with confidence.

Our Promise

We strive to honor each client's trust and work to ensure each client receives the service they pay for.

If adjustments or changes are needed, we respond quickly and make necessary adjustments to keep you and your business secure.

Global Security Solutions.

Bringing the Highest Security Standards to the Cambodian Market.



Responsive Customer Service

Responsive Customer Service

Each guard post has supervisors, regular inspector visits, and operations managers who respond to your needs and concerns day and night. Additionally, our HQ staff stands ready to serve.


Customized to Meet Your Needs

Customized to Meet Your Needs

Our security services are customized to your specific needs. Our guards and staff are trained to serve you according to our custom contract, so you can know your demands will be met.


Stay In Touch on Whatsapp, Wechat, Etc.

Stay In Touch on Whatsapp, Wechat, Etc.

We can set up a group chat account, so you can interact directly with us. This way, you have an easy way to send photos, chat, or talk to us, so we can easily respond and improve.


VIP Travel & Transfer Security

VIP Travel & Transfer Security

Let our executive protection, close protection (body guards), and elite security guard take away your safety concerns, so you can enjoy your stay. Many top stars, politicians, and CEOs use us.


Best Guards: Training & Uniforms

Best Guards: Training & Uniforms

We make sure our guards have the best training and the best uniforms, so your clients will feel safer and respect you. GSS guards are well trained and uniforms are new, clean, and sharp.


We Uphold the Local Laws

We Uphold the Local Laws

Unlike many low-quality security services on the market, we follow employment and tax laws, so you can have confidence that we will treat you with the same honesty and integrity.


Strong Connections & Relationships

Strong Connections & Relationships

We have good connections and relationships with key government offices and belong to the Royal Group family of companies. Our clients know they are in good hands.


Serving You In Cambodia & Beyond

Serving You In Cambodia & Beyond

While our security guards serve the Cambodian market, our global experts in close protection, maritime security, etc. can serve you throughout Southeast Asia and beyond.


Maritime, Yacht, & Port Security

Maritime, Yacht, & Port Security

Our team of includes maritime security experts who can help protect your interests as well as train your existing staff to guarantee your safety and security at all times.


Your Best Security Services Value

Your Best Security Services Value

Don't waste time and money trying to save a few dollars by going with another cheap, substandard security companies. Work with GSS to have a partner who will bring ultimate value.

Ready to talk?

Call us: # 023 992 157  or  # 023 884 526

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