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Close Protection / Bodyguards

Executives, celebrities, & VIPs and their families need personal protection.

Short-Term Bodyguards for Travel, Events, Etc.

Our experienced close protection team will help you stay safe wherever you need to go in Cambodia or beyond (ASEAN or global travel). We have protected high-profile executives (Some of the world's richest people), VIPs, celebrities, government leaders, and their families, yachts, private jets, and more.


Our team follows the highest standards, offering you the protection and safety you need to enjoy your travels and focus on the tasks at hand. We take a personalized, consultative approach to designing, training, and carrying out a protection plan perfectly suited to your needs and guaranteeing your safety. 


We've collaborated with top government and agencies to guarantee our clients have enjoyed safe, confidential, and fully protected travel in Cambodia and beyond.


Contact us directly (by phone or email) to discuss details and know you'll be in the best hands 24/7.... See More Travel Services


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Ongoing Close Protection for Cambodian-Based VIPs

As a high-profile individual (Executives, wealthy investors, VIPs, celebrities, government leaders), you or your family members may find yourselves at greater risk for robbery, kidnapping, being held hostage for ransom, violence, fraud, extortion, blackmail, embarrassment, assassination, attack by mentally unstable people, attack by organized criminals, and other evil actors.


You already know that extra security and protection is a good idea. You already recognize the risks you face. You already have taken some measures to improve your odds, but you also know that it requires a team with proper expertise, trust, and training to guarantee that you and your family remain safe and secure at home, at work, at school, at social gatherings, and while on the move.


Life is fragile and invaluable. You deserve to know that you will be kept safe and have adequate protection should any unhappy event occur. If you wait until you or your family are already targeted or become victims, it's too late; the risk is just too great.


Yes, you used to enjoy a life of anonymity, being able to go out shopping or appear in public without great risk. Times have changed and so must you.  You must assess your real risk with trained experts who know what to look for and see what you may not yet see -- the unknown threats that encircle you each day.

Increasing numbers of corporate executives and their security directors have begun to weigh the cost and risk of doing business as usual. Our senior experts have provided executive protection for many celebrities and VIP’s over the years, including Neil Armstrong, Actor Collin Farrow, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, US President George Bush, Actress Ashley Judd, Actor Richard Gere, CEO of Amazon Bezos, and many other confidential assignments.

GSS CPO Team protecting Love Phnom Penh Festival with Billy Graham



Assembles the Perfect Close Protection to Keep You and Your Family Safe...

Monitoring Room

GSS provides highly trained armed or unarmed close protection teams to counter threats against corporations, employees and private individuals.


Our approach to close protection is grounded in the belief that the best protective assistance is provided by a combination of our interview and vetting of the client, advance work, facilitation, convenience, diplomacy and security enforcement.


We have consistently demonstrated that personal protection can be a comfortable and seamless.


All our close protection officers have:

  • High moral standards

  • Outstanding social skills

  • High IQ & EQ

  • Commitment to perform duties

  • Personal collateral, position, and reputation tied to the performance of their duties

Thorough training in tactical, protective, and security experience includes:

  • Countermeasures

  • Surveillance & awareness

  • Counter kidnapping

  • First aid

  • Bodyguard driver

  • Protocols and standards based on American, European, Russian, and Asian standards

It's important to have custom a fully customized close protection solution that's optimal for your specific risk factors.

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International Bodyguard Association

Congratulations to our CEO Mr. John Muller for his appointment as National Director of the International Bodyguard Association, a globally world class close protection training association. 

GSS close protection (bodyguard) experts will help you every step of the way and handle everything you and your family need to enjoy the highest level of safety, protection, and security:

  • Free, no cost initial consultation

  • Full assessment of needs

  • Custom selected and trained teams to met your specific needs

  • Inspection and drills to maintain standards

  • Training for you and your existing onsite staff

  • 24/7 off-site backup monitoring and dispatch services

  • Custom reports, data, and more

  • Matched with what you need and can afford -- Some clients require full-time, full-protection; other clients only need occasional protection or backup support; some clients have staff and simply want them better trained

  • Backup Rapid Response Force, police, fire fighters, etc.

We highly recommend that your onsite security systems, regular guards, and team are fully linked to GSS 24/7 command center for monitoring by our surveillance specialists:

  • You can rest assured that the best team is ready 24/7 to detect and respond to security and safety threats to your business or home.

  • Off-site command center (for security monitoring) is a high-security facility, equipped with the latest monitoring and alert equipment.

  • We can monitor your systems, prepare custom reports, and, if necessary, deploy armed police with our Rapid Response Force team to your home or office.

You deserve to have the best close protection team in your corner, looking out for you 24/7, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

" GSS close protection experts will meet with you to evaluate your needs and customize the best options for your budget..."

Security Guard with Dog

Why GSS is

your best choice for bodyguards in Cambodia, ASEAN, and beyond...

" Better safe than sorry... "

" I waited too long to realize that close protection was a priority. I knew I was getting recognized more often. My family was getting singled out at school and in public, but I didn't know if there was any real danger for us... Why us?  We were still safe, right? WRONG! We were targeted on our way to a wedding party. Our driver didn't know what to do. We were lucky that the kidnappers made some big mistakes that day. We felt helpless. Thank God, we're still alive. The next day, I called GSS. They helped restore our peace of mind, so we can feel safe and start living again... "

" What really sets GSS apart from other companies is how quickly they respond to me and work with me to make sure everything is going perfectly! "

" They really knew what I needed... "

Global Security Solutions Cambodia is Cambodia’s premium security and bodyguard services provider with over 30 years of continuous security industry experience in the country and globally. 


We tailor services to your specific needs. Our close protection experts will evaluate your needs and help create and carry out a comprehensive safety and security plan for your specific needs.


As our client, you will have special access to the latest security strategies and electronic security system technologies integrated with the highest-trained security guards in Cambodia.


We are the only security provider in the country with our own fiber optic network throughout Cambodia, helping secure your electronic security devices against attack.

Our experienced bodyguards, close protection teams, security guards, officers, specialists, and armed response force are fully trained and equipped to meet your specific requirements.


Inspections, drills, and continuous training help to ensure our high standards are being met, so you can have confidence in our service.

GSS maintains a close working relationship with each client, setting up clear KPIs, convenient communication channels, and custom reporting, so we can quickly respond to any issues that arise.


In Cambodia and the ASEAN region, we maintain a close working relationships with key leaders, including local precinct police officials and other emergency service providers, acting as a force multiplier for national security, while providing premium service to each client.


Globally, we have strategic partners and agency ties that will guarantee your seamless protection as you travel and conduct business around the world.

We look forward to hearing from you, so we can help you the enjoy peace of mind that comes with knowing your close protection and security needs are being met by GSS security professionals.

* Prices vary based on the specific requirements of each client, so you may request a free price quote or contact our nearest office today.

Ready to talk? Call us today: # 023 992 157  or  # 023 884 526


How GSS Is Better...

Our People

Everyone who works at GSS has the training and experience to understand your specific security challenges. Our client support and operations teams are fully dedicated to providing you with the best private security service in Cambodia.

Our Protection

Our security systems and leading technologies, integrated with the best manned guarding in Cambodia ensures you the very best protection day and night. You and your customers can go about your business with confidence.

Our Promise

We strive to honor each client's trust and work to ensure each client receives the service they pay for.

If adjustments or changes are needed, we respond quickly and make necessary adjustments to keep you and your business secure.

Global Security Solutions.

Bringing the Highest Security Standards to the Cambodian Market.



Responsive Customer Service

Responsive Customer Service

Each guard post has supervisors, regular inspector visits, and operations managers who respond to your needs and concerns day and night. Additionally, our HQ staff stands ready to serve.


Customized to Meet Your Needs

Customized to Meet Your Needs

Our security services are customized to your specific needs. Our guards and staff are trained to serve you according to our custom contract, so you can know your demands will be met.


Stay In Touch on Whatsapp, Wechat, Etc.

Stay In Touch on Whatsapp, Wechat, Etc.

We can set up a group chat account, so you can interact directly with us. This way, you have an easy way to send photos, chat, or talk to us, so we can easily respond and improve.


VIP Travel & Transfer Security

VIP Travel & Transfer Security

Let our executive protection, close protection (body guards), and elite security guard take away your safety concerns, so you can enjoy your stay. Many top stars, politicians, and CEOs use us.


Best Guards: Training & Uniforms

Best Guards: Training & Uniforms

We make sure our guards have the best training and the best uniforms, so your clients will feel safer and respect you. GSS guards are well trained and uniforms are new, clean, and sharp.


We Uphold the Local Laws

We Uphold the Local Laws

Unlike many low-quality security services on the market, we follow employment and tax laws, so you can have confidence that we will treat you with the same honesty and integrity.


Strong Connections & Relationships

Strong Connections & Relationships

We have good connections and relationships with key government offices and belong to the Royal Group family of companies. Our clients know they are in good hands.


Serving You In Cambodia & Beyond

Serving You In Cambodia & Beyond

While our security guards serve the Cambodian market, our global experts in close protection, maritime security, etc. can serve you throughout Southeast Asia and beyond.


Maritime, Yacht, & Port Security

Maritime, Yacht, & Port Security

Our team of includes maritime security experts who can help protect your interests as well as train your existing staff to guarantee your safety and security at all times.


Your Best Security Services Value

Your Best Security Services Value

Don't waste time and money trying to save a few dollars by going with another cheap, substandard security companies. Work with GSS to have a partner who will bring ultimate value.

Ready to talk?

Call us: # 023 992 157  or  # 023 884 526

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