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Security & Safety Consulting
Physical Risk Assesments

Experts and top global partners dedicated to resolving your challenges. 

GSS provides physical security risk assessments and audits.

A security site assessment or physical security risk audit is an evaluation conducted by a security professional that includes the premises and inventory of the assets to be protected, as well as recommendations on how best to protect them. They’re appropriate for nearly any organization –from schools

to corporate headquarters, to sporting arenas, manufacturing plants, and municipalities. GSS security consultants provide our clients with options to mitigate security risk with effective countermeasures.  Our clients include organizations such as Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities, Corporations, Residential Properties (Gated Communities, Country Clubs, Condominiums) and factories. Organizations should perform Physical Security Assessments continually to help protect their assets and mitigate any potential risk to the day to day operations.

Call us for a proposal today.

Everything starts with your call or email, telling us your concerns...
Our security experts and partners stand ready to help you resolve your security and safety concerns in Cambodia and beyond. Let's have a discussion (initial consultations are free until we agree on a plan and contract). We look forward to giving sound advice and helping implement training, systems, services, or manned protection/guarding that will resolve your concerns and help you move forward with confidence.
Confidentiality is a priority for us and our partners...
During the consultative process, information is shared only on a need-to-know basis in order to protect you and our service providers. Based on your situation and concerns, we will take more or fewer precautions, always keeping you in the loop and happy with the steps being taken.

Consulting is at the heart of our business...
All of our products and services start with a consultation process and/or risk assessments, so we know how best to help you. We use this term as a catch-all phrase for those situations or concerns that don't fall into standard service offerings or require global partnerships and facilitation. After we talk, we can provide you with our initial cost estimate/draft and negotiate a contract from there.
Consulting is at the heart of our business...
In situations where we feel your needs are best met elsewhere, we won't hesitate to let you know and point you in the right direction. Consider us your team; we're on your side and ultimately want what's best for you. We strongly believe that between our expertise and extensive experience and partnerships, we will be able to handle almost anything. Contact us today, and let's start talking about what you need and how we might help.

If we teach it, rest assured, we can provide experts to help you with it:


  • Close/Executive Protection (Bodyguard) Training

  • Security Awareness

  • Military & Civilian Defense Training

  • Bomb Recognition

  • Landmine Recognition & Response

  • Security Guarding

  • CCTV Surveillance Monitoring

  • First Aid & Fire Safety

  • Protective Driving (Jump to Example Below)

  • Risk Management

  • H.E.A.T. (Hostile Environment Awareness Training)

  • Maritime Security, Port & Yacht Security, Anti-Piracy

  • Combat & Fighting (Multiple Disciplines)

  • Knife Fighting (USA & Cambodian Soldiers)

  • Weapons Qualification

  • Disaster Response

  • Urban & Wilderness Survival

  • And many other specialties...

Straight-forward solutions and agreements to resolve your security or safety concerns:


  • Reduce costs of additional staff by training your existing employees in important security and safety protocols

  • Specific safety plans can be implimented

  • Top companies with multi-million dollar investments choose GSS to train their staff

  • A wide variety of training is available

  • Contact us to design a training program (schedule and courses) that best meet your needs

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GSS Security & Safety Experts can help resolve your concerns and provide the systems, service, or partners you need...

GSS security and safety experts and partners want to hear from you. We can customize a solution for services and/or implementation of solutions suited to you and your situation. We have many strengths and competencies in-house, but our consulting ability (in terms of service and area) is greatly expanded through partnerships with global experts in security and safety fields:

  • Free, no cost initial consultation - Call us

  • Custom tailored solutions that leverage the right information and people for each situation

  • One-time short duration situations or ongoing protocols and implementation

  • Have a team dedicated to helping you resolve your concerns and smart enough to know when to refer you to another provider

  • Custom contract with specific objectives, scheduling, and accountability

  • Confidentiality and trust you can count on

  • Follow up and follow through until the work is done

Even if you reside in Cambodia or ASEAN nations, we highly recommend that your onsite security systems are linked to our 24/7 command center for monitoring by our surveillance specialists:

  • You can rest assured that the best team is ready 24/7 to detect and respond to security and safety threats to your business or home.

  • Off-site command center (for security monitoring) is a high-security facility, equipped with the latest monitoring and alert equipment.

  • We can monitor your systems, prepare custom reports, and, if necessary, deploy armed police with our Rapid Response Force team to your home or office.

You deserve to have the best team in your corner, looking out for you 24/7, so you can focus on what matters most to you.


Why GSS is

your best choice for Security and Safety consulting in Cambodia and beyond...

" GSS made all the difference for us... "

" At first, I tried a different company, thinking I would save a little money, but it ended up costing me more time, headaches, and money! When I switched to GSS, I realized I should've chosen them from the very start. Learn from my mistake by choosing GSS first.. "

" What really sets GSS apart from other companies is how quickly they respond to me and work with me to make sure everything is going perfectly! "

" They really knew what I needed... "

Global Security Solutions Cambodia is Cambodia’s premium security services provider with over 30 years of continuous security industry experience in the country. 


We tailor services to your specific needs. Our security experts will evaluate your needs and help create and carry out a comprehensive safety and security training plan for you and your staff.


As our client, you will have special access to the latest security strategies and electronic security system technologies integrated with the highest-training standards in Cambodia.


We are the only security provider in the country with our own fiber optic network throughout Cambodia, helping secure your electronic security devices against attack.

Our experienced security guards, officers, specialists, instructors, trainers, and armed response force are fully trained and equipped to meet your specific requirements.


Continuous training with refresher courses will help ensure our high standards are being met.

GSS maintains a close working relationship with each client, setting up clear KPIs, convenient communication channels, and custom reporting, so we can quickly respond to any issues that arise.


We maintain a close working relationships with key leaders, including local precinct police officials and other emergency service providers, acting as a force multiplier for Cambodia's national security, while providing premium service to each client.

We look forward to hearing from you, so we can help you the enjoy peace of mind that comes with knowing your security needs are being met by GSS Cambodia’s security professionals.

* Security guard prices vary based on the specific requirements of each client, so you may request a free price quote or contact our nearest office today.

Ready to talk? Call us today: # 023 992 157  or  # 023 884 526


How GSS Is Better...

Our People

Everyone who works at GSS has the training and experience to understand your specific security challenges. Our client support and operations teams are fully dedicated to providing you with the best private security service in Cambodia.

Our Protection

Our security systems and leading technologies, integrated with the best manned guarding in Cambodia ensures you the very best protection day and night. You and your customers can go about your business with confidence.

Our Promise

We strive to honor each client's trust and work to ensure each client receives the service they pay for.

If adjustments or changes are needed, we respond quickly and make necessary adjustments to keep you and your business secure.

Global Security Solutions.

Bringing the Highest Security Standards to the Cambodian Market.