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One Park Security: Protecting Large Chinese Direct Investments In Cambodia's Growing Market


GSS has created custom systems, reports, and WeChat groups in order to give our client instant updates and quickly resolve any issues that might arise at this major development in the heart of Phnom Penh City Center.

Chinese investors trust GSS with their security because of our long-standing relationships with key government and business leaders in Cambodia. In addition to a better service and better business, GSS custom-tailored security patrols, reporting, inspections, and communication channels, including a WeChat group for guard updates, in order to help the owners at One Park monitor and protect their investment.

Working together, GSS and One Park have continued to improve and respond to issues as they arise--something most companies are not set up to handle.

GSS welcomes One Park and other Chinese investors to Cambodia. Please contact us by phone, and we will create a WeChat group specifically to communicate with you. 迎来到柬埔寨!

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