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Chip Mong Group Training: Helping a Company Train It's Own Guards

Chip Mong Group Guards Complete GSS Training Course

Chip Mong Group has quickly taken the Cambodian market by storm across several key sectors. GSS has been a key partner to train their security staff with the latest and best practices on key projects, including Khmer Beverages, Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1982 from a humble beginning, Chip Mong has been expanded rapidly and transformed into one of the largest Cambodian conglomerates. Chip Mong has attained prominence as a leader in many fields and products such as beer, stout, drinking water and other beverages, construction materials, ready-mixed concrete, roof tiles and pipes, cement, cans, consumer products, property development, hospitality and hotels, feed, retail and banking.

Chip Mong Group’s vision is to become the most admired and respected corporation in the region and its core values are Collaboration with commitment, Making the difference, Growing and giving back, and Customer focus.

GSS Cambodia & Chip Mong
GSS GM Presents Course Certificate to Chip Mong Guard

Working with GSS to properly train its staff in security and safety protocols has been a welcomed partnership that both companies will seek to strengthen in future years, as both companies continue to change the landscape of business in Cambodia.

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