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Meet Our Leadership & Team

We look forward to helping protect you, your business, and your loved ones.

Mr. John Muller, Managing Director


With over 30 years of experience in South East Asia and 20 years in Cambodia, John Muller is now managing Global Security Solutions Co., Ltd., a division of The Royal Group of companies.

John has provided security consulting services and security program execution to both corporate and governmental clientele all over the world. He has been a leader and a mentor to security programs around the world. In Cambodia, he co-founded and managed the first private security company in Cambodia, MPA International Ltd., for 16 years.


In 1995, he assisted the Ministry of Interior by advising legislation and executing the disarming of all private security guards throughout the country. In his career, Mr. Muller personally conducted close protection for diplomats, corporate executives and celebrities visiting the region including George Bush, Nelson Mandela, Hillary Clinton and Richard Gere, Jeff Bezos, Chelsea Clinton, and many others.

John worked in special operations with the US Army, and later for the U.S. Department of Defense Air Force, providing security for diplomatic staff in Australia. Mr. Muller specializes in providing security for embassies, petrochemical companies, hotels, and airlines.


He co-founded the U.S State Department’s Overseas Security Council (OSAC) in Cambodia and is a lifetime member of the US Special Forces Association.


Furthermore he is Senior Vice Commander of the Cambodia Chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). Mr. Muller holds a Bachelor of Art degree in Political Science from the University of Washington.

"Ms. Suzie" Sim Kalyan, General Manager


With a rich educational and professional background in business and the Cambodian security industry, Sim Kalyan is now the General Manager at Global Security Solutions Co., Ltd., a division of The Royal Group of companies.

Her education includes an MBA from Cambodia's National University of Management, a BAA from the Vanda Institute, and a special diploma of small business from Georgetown University in Washington D.C., USA.  She has worked as an executive for GSS over a decade. Previous experience includes admin, marketing, and management at MPA International, a security firm.


Outside of the office, she has taken on significant training and on-the-ground protective roles for high profile female clients, including Chelsea Clinton. She has been instrumental in helping GSS grow into a regional and global security provider. Her personal touch will ensure that clients receive the very best service GSS (and Cambodia) can offer.

"Happy Clients" Cambodia HQ Support Team

Ms. "Karen" Leng Sokha

Sales Inquiries, Solution Customization,

& Client Success

Our marketing manager, Ms. Leng stands ready to help you today!

Ms."Minnie" Sim Visakha

Chinese Language Inquiries 

& Client Success Support

Our Chinese-speaking Marketing Assistant, is ready to say Ni hao!

Mr. Hay Laline

Security Tech Solutions, Electronic Security System Installation & Support

Our ESS Division Manager stands ready to meet your security needs!

Mr. Lmut Boraksmey

Routine Guard Inspection & Patrols

Our guard operations manager will make sure guards are on the job.

Ms."Yaya" Phuong Chakriya

Billing, Invoices, & Payments

Our finance manager loves clients who pay early or on-time!

Ms. Leang Sophea

Recruitment & Employee Documentation

Our HR manager loves to get employee documents signed.

Mr. "Nick" Soun Saroeun

HQ Administration & Cleaning

Client Success

Our cleaning manager stands ready to clean up your messes!

Mr. Ream Thaorith

Guard Training & Development Officer

Our training manager will give guards custom training and feedback.

Over 1,000 Security Professionals and Growing with You

J Trust Royal Bank
J Trust Royal Bank

Global Division & Business Advisors

Mr. Roy Day

Multiple theater veteran, security expert, and NGO executive who stands ready to serve with GSS.

  • 22 years US Military Veteran – Master Sergeant (Retired)

  • 6 years Marine Corps

  • 3 years with 2nd Force Reconnaissance Co.

  • 12 years Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

  • 3 years Tasked to Department of Homeland Security

  • 2 years Physical Security Analyst for Infrastructure Protection

  • 1 year Instructor for Office for Bombing Prevention

  • 1 year Tasked to US State Department, US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq

  • RSO-EOD Detachment Commander in charge of all US EOD Response within the International Zone

Mr. Chris Nel

Brings muscle, charm, and years of global security industry expertise to Cambodia, ASEAN, and beyond.

" GSS experts offer the perfect electronic security and safety systems for your needs and budget, saving you money in the long run..."

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Our People

Everyone who works at GSS has the training and experience to understand your specific security challenges. Our client support and operations teams are fully dedicated to providing you with the best private security service in Cambodia.

How GSS Is Better...

Our Protection

Our security systems and leading technologies, integrated with the best manned guarding in Cambodia ensures you the very best protection day and night. You and your customers can go about your business with confidence.

Our Promise

We strive to honor each client's trust and work to ensure each client receives the service they pay for.

If adjustments or changes are needed, we respond quickly and make necessary adjustments to keep you and your business secure.

Global Security Solutions.

Bringing the Highest Security Standards to the Cambodian Market.


Responsive Customer Service

Each guard post has supervisors, regular inspector visits, and operations managers who respond to your needs and concerns day and night. Additionally, our HQ staff stands ready to serve.


Customized to Meet Your Needs

Our security services are customized to your specific needs. Our guards and staff are trained to serve you according to our custom contract, so you can know your demands will be met.


Stay In Touch on Whatsapp, Wechat, Etc.

We can set up a group chat account, so you can interact directly with us. This way, you have an easy way to send photos, chat, or talk to us, so we can easily respond and improve.


VIP Travel & Transfer Security

Let our executive protection, close protection (body guards), and elite security guard take away your safety concerns, so you can enjoy your stay. Many top stars, politicians, and CEOs use us.


Best Guards: Training & Uniforms

We make sure our guards have the best training and the best uniforms, so your clients will feel safer and respect you. GSS guards are well trained and uniforms are new, clean, and sharp.


We Uphold the Local Laws

Unlike many low-quality security services on the market, we follow employment and tax laws, so you can have confidence that we will treat you with the same honesty and integrity.


Strong Connections & Relationships

We have good connections and relationships with key government offices and belong to the Royal Group family of companies. Our clients know they are in good hands.


Serving You In Cambodia & Beyond

While our security guards serve the Cambodian market, our global experts in close protection, maritime security, etc. can serve you throughout Southeast Asia and beyond.


Maritime, Yacht, & Port Security

Our team of includes maritime security experts who can help protect your interests as well as train your existing staff to guarantee your safety and security at all times.


Your Best Security Services Value

Don't waste time and money trying to save a few dollars by going with another cheap, substandard security companies. Work with GSS to have a partner who will bring ultimate value.


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